The Legal Aid system is undergoing a period of review at the moment and Anne is involved in the consultation process with the Scottish Executive and other groups looking at the provision of Legal Aid in Scotland.

This is assessed at the first meeting and throughout your dealings with us provided that you keep us up to date with any changes to your finances. Obtaining Legal Aid does not always mean that you will have nothing to pay at all. The Legal Aid Board has rules known as "clawback" where currently, if you have received funds or assets over the value of £4275 you will need to meet our fees, albeit at Legal Aid rates, out of the settlement . There are some exceptions to this and ways of minimising the effect of this rule for you. We can keep you fully informed on this as your case progresses, as required.

Unlike a growing number of solicitors, McIntosh McTaggart offers you the availability of Legal Aid to assist you with payment of your legal costs.


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